Oncology Treatments

At The Birmingham Breast Group, we offer traditional chemotherapy, which remains the international standard of care for preventing recurrence of certain types of breast cancer.

We also offer the full suite of targeted therapy, including anti-HER2 therapy, where appropriate.

Our partner hospitals have full chemotherapy nursing support, along with out of hours support and cover.

Modern chemotherapy and targeted therapies are very safe drug treatments which are used in some cases of breast cancer.

Used correctly, they can be highly effective at reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence after surgery.

The vital element of this sort of treatment is personalisation. We have access to the full range of genetic testing such as Oncotype DX, Prosigna, and genetic profiling to determine whether these treatments are likely to be beneficial for you.

This is a rapidly changing area, with new treatments developing and understanding frequently improving outcomes. Our oncologists are experts in their field with international research profiles. They will develop a personalised treatment plan for you utilising their world-leading knowledge and experience.

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Naren Basu
Lead Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon