Second Opinion Service

If you have been diagnosed elsewhere and want to transfer your care we are happy to offer remote consultations either by telephone or video.

We know it is a worrying time if you have received a breast-related diagnosis and that you need to feel confident in your doctor/surgeon and treatment plan.

Many patients value a second opinion for reassurance that they are receiving the appropriate treatment. Alternatively, they may want to explore different approaches.

If this applies to you, our expert clinicians will be pleased to provide you with an appointment.

We can offer second opinions on:

  • Oncoplastic breast surgery and the best cosmetic approach for managing breast cancer.
  • Risk reducing surgery.
  • Genetic (inherited) risk of breast cancer and surveillance/prevention strategies.
  • Chemotherapy treatment
  • Radiotherapy treatment
  • Treatment for secondary breast cancer (including genetic assessment).

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"Treat your patients as you would like your family members to be treated and you won’t go too far wrong."
Naren Basu
Lead Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon