Advanced Radiotherapy

Advanced radiotherapy uses precision X-ray treatment to target areas for treatment while minimising exposure to normal areas.

In many cases radiotherapy can reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back after surgery.

We use the latest technology to ensure the safest and most effective treatment while minimising long term effects.

For example:

Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy

This uses complex mathematical modelling to “curve” radiotherapy dose around the chest/breast area.

Surface Guided Radiotherapy

This uses computerised cameras to monitor patient position, which means tattooing of chest is unnecessary to establish positioning.

Prone breast radiotherapy

This technique allows patients to be treated on their front (rather than back) and can be useful for those with larger breast sizes making treatment more comfortable, and reducing lung doses

Deep inspiratory breath hold

This technique is useful to minimise dose to the heart, and is now considered the gold standard for radiotherapy to the left breast

Stereotactic radiotherapy (also known as SABR)

This is an approach used in secondary breast cancer where there are small areas of disease spread.  Many techniques can be used, including Cyberknife, VMAT, and, more recently the MR linac.  The MR linac allows continuous imaging of the tissues which treatment is given.  One of our patients was the first in the UK to receive this treatment for breast cancer spread to the liver.

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